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Kelly’s Sourdough Bread

All breads in Kelly’s Resort Hotel are hand-crafted and baked daily. Our Sourdough Breads use unbleached organic additive free flours and quality local ingredients.

Sourdough baking is truly an ancient art that is crafted in harmony with nature, so it’s only natural that we eat it as opposed to other processed breads.

Do you know the benefits of eating Kelly’s Sourdough Bread?

1. FLAVOUR:  Tangy and distinctive this is the best bread you will find. It will undoubtedly leave you wanting another bite!

2. EASIER DIGESTION: The combination of lactobacilli and wild yeast neutralise the phytic acid as the bread proves through the acidification of the dough and predigest starches in the flour, making sourdough more digestible and nutritious

3. PRESERVATIVE: Acetic acid is produced in the making of sourdough and helps preserve the bread by inhibiting the growth of mold. So sourdough naturally preserves itself.

4. ANTIOXIDANT AND ANTI-ALLERGIC SUBSTANCES: Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) produce beneficial compounds, some of which may help in the treatment of auto-immune   diseases and promotes a healthy gut.

5. NUTRITIONS: Lactobacilli and wild yeast neutralise phytic acids, which normally bind with important nutrients and therefore make them unavailable to us. This means that these vitamins and minerals become available to us. Among these you could find vitamins B1-B6, Biz, folate, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin E, selenium, iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, phosporus, zinc and potassium.

6. BETTER BLOOD GLUCOSE REGULATION:  The acid slows down the rate at which glucose is released into the blood-stream and lower the bread’s glycaemia index. This   means lower blood glucose levels after eating bread and less or no undesirable spikes in insulin.

7. NATURAL ORIGIN:  Sourdough bread made with wild yeast and bacteria is the oldest and most original form of leavened bread. It is an ancient art that is crafted in harmony with nature.

8. UNIQUE: Each starter imparts its own unique flavor to the bread, based on the wild yeast and bacteria that inhabit the  starter.


We hope you enjoy yours!




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